krrc is a commercial-free, student run internet radio station based in R33D college in Portland, Oregon. The official site is back on the air, but I personally don't like the official website, so I took it upon myself to create an unoffical, more aesthetically pleasing website.

Since this is unofficial, the weird krrc employee with long hair is paying for this out of pocket (no, he is certainly not upper, or even middle class. 100% prole), so consider helping him out financially either through bitcoin, venmo, squarecash, or PayPal. All money raised through this will go towards server costs or the upkeep of KRRC itself. But this will be kept up so long as it is needed.

Thanks for listening!


Here's the schedule if you're interested in knowing what you're listening to.


-IRC server or Discord chat?

-Playlists for directly streaming from choice music player (i.e winamp, VLC, etc.)

-Banner images?


Special thanks to glitched and arisuchan (formerly known as lainchan.jp)